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    End Pointers are found around the world solving problems and serving our customers.

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    Jacob Tidwell

    Jacob Tidwell

    Jacob is a seasoned DevOps engineer with a deep background in containerization and hybrid cloud technologies. He has spent many years working with Docker, Kubernetes, and Openshift at the enterprise level. He has created automation solutions using Ansible and Python. He also has experience with CI/CD platforms including Jenkins, and has managed infrastructure as code using GitOps and Terraform.


    Principal Engineer & Manager of DevOps, Upstart, 2019–2023. Moved all the company’s services, including their monolith, onto internally hosted Kubernetes clusters on AWS. Created many workflows and systems to manage applications running on Kubernetes. Created fully automated CI/CD pipelines to build, test, and deploy services using GitOps concepts with Jenkins. Ensured all clusters were SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOX compliant. Used frameworks including Helm, Terraform, and Jsonnet to abstract complexities away from app developers. Built an SRE/​general-support team of DevOps engineers to manage the Kubernetes infrastructure, and managed the Compute team overseeing 18 Kubernetes clusters across many different enviroments.

    Lead DevOps Engineer, Huntington National Bank, 2018–2019. Helped build out and run our internal Kubernetes proof of concept. Used Jenkins to deploy several services running on Kubernetes 1.13.

    DevOps Engineer, DataRobot, 2017–2018. Used Terraform, Packer, Docker, and Ansible to manage infrastructure as code (IaC) on AWS and Azure.

    Associate Systems Engineer, L Brands, 2014–2017. Worked on a hybrid cloud built on Joyent’s Triton DataCenter technology. Administrated Solaris Zones and Linux KVMs. Built an intrusion detection system with custom Ruby code, Chef, and the Solaris BART tool. Racked, stacked, and configured data center hardware, specifically Dell and SuperMicro, Arista switches, and Palo Alto firewalls. Using bash, fully automated the configuration of new hardware for the data center, turning a 1 week process into a 1 hour process.

    TAC Associate, L Brands, 2011–2014. Started out as a help desk employee and quickly became the resident toolmaker. Wrote Windows batch scripts and PowerShell scripts using the .NET Framework. Wrote tools to remotely install software updates. Did support-level work with Windows Active Directory and Windows 7 laptops and desktops.


    • Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP), 2013.


    Jacob lives with his wife, their dog Theodore, and soon their first born child. He likes traveling to warmer places, especially during the Ohio winter. He also enjoys counted cross stitching, playing strategy video games, and doing projects around his house.