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Magento is the leading large-business open source ecommerce system. End Point Dev works with Magento clients at all stages of their business, from getting started, through feature development and redesign, to migrations off the platform. We also offer Magento hosting and infrastructure packages.

Blending out-of-the-box with custom programming

One of the best things about Magento is getting an ecommerce framework with thousands of plugins out of the box and the ability to easily write custom PHP code with it. End Point Dev enjoys taking Magento clients from that out-of-the-box stage to that custom workflow that wows their customers.

Magento 1 to 2

Are you looking at an upgrade project to go from version 1 to 2? End Point Dev can help you look at Magento 2 or a migration to other ecommerce platforms. Part of our initial review of your project can help you look at migration versus other options for moving forward.

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