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CMS: Content Management Systems (WordPress, Wix, Craft, custom)

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End Point Dev offers support, consulting, development and customizations in the major CMS platforms on the market today. We can help you decide the right platform, get you set up with the right infrastructure and plan, and make sure your website has all the tools, features, and security you’ll need in the long run.


We have extensive experience with WordPress in a variety of industries from small informational sites to large WooCommerce implementations and custom plugin development. WordPress is a great platform if you’re looking to minimize your development costs. You can save all the hard work like theme editing for End Point Dev while you and your staff handle all the easy stuff.


While Wix is mostly known as a do-it-yourself platform, you might need help with design implementation and custom features. We can help you make the most of your Wix site with just a few hours of consulting time.

Craft CMS

The Craft CMS software is a source-available, commercial system that gives great freedom over the presentation of your site, and has a focus on developer happiness. We can customize Craft CMS for your needs.


We have developed and extended custom CMS systems in Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, and Perl, among other languages. If you have an unusual site architecture, need automated foreign language translation using service APIs, or specialized workflows, talk with us about what we can help you do.

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