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  • Security & Compliance

    Eternal vigilance is easier with help.

    It takes intelligence and expertise to stop cyber attacks.

    The challenges to ensuring the security, privacy, and integrity of technology systems have never been greater. A growing reliance on networked computers has given rise to greater vulnerabilities and created formidable new threats.

    Business continuity is the goal.

    Information security requires protecting computers, software, and information systems from theft, damage, and disruption — no matter the cause. Security means protection from natural disasters and human mistakes as well as bad actors. At End Point Dev, we help organizations harden their infrastructure and software applications against any threat.

    We are always learning.

    We continually train our staff on evolving security threats and the procedures and defenses to counter them. We are familiar with the special handling required for sensitive information from years of experience in security-conscious industries — ecommerce, healthcare, and finance.

    Stay safe.

    Everybody likes to say that their system administrators stay informed of emerging security vulnerabilities and apply software patches. Ours really do.