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    We have the experience and knowledge to choose the right tools.

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    On-site Training and Support

    On-Site & On-Demand

    End Point Dev has a team of premier database engineers that have seen a wide variety of implementations and businesses cases. Our on-site support can include training for your team, internal architecture review, and consultations to meet your specific needs.

    Training for your DBAs

    Is your DBA team new to PostgreSQL? Do you want to get training and consulting for your entire team on PostgreSQL replication and tuning? We’ve got the experience that counts here and can get your team ready in about a week of on-site work.

    Custom Packages

    Our on-site support is not cookie-cutter and is always tailored to meet your needs.

    On-Site or Remote Database Audits

    In addition to training, we also offer audits of your existing infrastructure:

    • Suggested changes to the postgresql.conf configuration settings. This is key for properly handling your system resources in a way that provides the highest utilization and best performance overall.
    • Suggested changes to any system-level kernel configuration. This can include specific advice for filesystem tuning, memory parameters, and hardware tuning to give you maximum performance.
    • Review of the I/O systems and suggestions for any weaknesses identified.
    • Suggestions for database redundancy and analysis of any current replication systems.
    • Suggestions about connection pooling and other database scaling issues.
    • Review of the backup system and available options for providing incremental backups, specially related to production deployments and rollback scenarios.
    • Review of performance-impacting features, such as indexes: which are currently used, which are unneeded, and which should be added.
    • Analysis of typical queries used on your database system. This includes gathering and identifying the highest-impact queries. We also provide suggestions for improvements on specific queries, such as indexes, query restructuring, or additional database tuning suggestions.
    • Review/critique of any data loading processes and suggestions for improvement in any bulk-loading scenarios.
    • Review authorization, security, any current access control methods, and how they could be improved.
    • Review and analyze any procedural code in your database.
    • Review partitioning setup for large tables.
    • Suggestions for tools to analyze database growth, handle monitoring, perform your own query and performance review.
    • Identification of other possible pain points.