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PostgreSQL (also known as “Postgres”) is an extensible relational database management system with a well-deserved reputation for rock-solid reliability. Many major corporations rely on PostgreSQL for their mission-critical data.

Multiple development platform support

End Point Dev provides top-level PostgreSQL support to all of our clients using PostgreSQL to drive their businesses. This includes optional 24x7 support. We support ecommerce sites, specialized data-processing systems, data warehouses, content management systems, and more. Whether your application is in Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP, Perl, Java, .NET/C#, Go, or C/C++, End Point Dev engineers can make it work smoothly with the Postgres database behind it.

Data modeling and architecture

We model your data rigorously and ensure that the database design gives consistently meaningful data and effectively enforces your core business practices. End Point Dev develops software at a higher standard and uses the robustness, power, and extensibility of PostgreSQL to implement key business logic.

Performance and scalability

Tuning the database and optimizing queries is just the beginning. End Point Dev’s PostgreSQL experts have experience supporting applications in situations ranging from mostly-read web traffic to multi-user ecommerce systems with high transactional load.

Client case studies

For, End Point Dev built the Bucardo multi-master replication engine to drive several large-scale ecommerce sites. The system handles their high load and provides high availability and fast response times for the customer-facing storefronts as well as back-end customer service staff, accounting, and the warehouse. Learn more about our replication offerings.

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