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Darius Clynes

Darius Clynes

Darius has deep experience with real-time applications, particularly those in the scientific, medical, trading, and entertainment areas.

He uses many programming languages, including Swift, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, and Delphi, backed by a variety of database systems.

In working with VR & AR for serious games with Unity, as well as musical applications, voice recognition and voice synthesis (TTS, text to speech) he has integrated his favorite areas of expertise.

As a senior software consultant in R&D Darius has led small teams of programmers to create prototypes for a variety of interesting projects.


Designed a multiple language translation platform for submission to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty at the United Nations in Vienna.

Designed database, web app, and mobile apps for collection of large quantities of user sensor data. Wrote data analysis tools using custom algorithms to extract pitch and amplitude time patterns.

Created real-time software for multimedia performances and avant-garde installations.

Led software projects including music software, video & audio streaming, real-time eye tracking, 3D virtual applications for market research, and database work on trading systems.


  • Coursework in music and engineering, Columbia University.


Darius enjoys composing & playing music, hiking, and endlessly discussing philosophy.

Darius Clynes

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