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    We have the experience and knowledge to choose the right tools.

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    Version Control & DevCamps

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    Version Control

    End Point Dev uses the industry standard Git for code and branch management, which saves time and provides security for the long life of your project.

    Client Owns the Code

    We will work with you to find a location to host the code to your project, on GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or self-hosted. You own the code to your project and stay in control, making the right decisions for your business.


    DevCamps is a system created by End Point Dev for managing “camps”—​environments for development, integration, staging, and production.

    Camps make developers more efficient and projects run more effectively; developers and business users can collaborate in real time. Changes can be made and tested separately from production, and then pulled in when they’re ready. Other advantages include:

    • Quickly getting new developers up to speed without hours of setup on their own computers
    • Breaking out of the isolation of the individual developer’s computer
    • Keeping production, staging, and development as similar as possible
    • Having separate web server, app server, and database per project, to isolate changes


    End Point Dev has set up DevCamps environments for several clients. Read what they had to say about camps:

    “There are real benefits to the Camp system that Backcountry couldn’t live without. Our developers, QA, and business owners work together on projects right from the beginning in a camp, which makes them all more productive. We can have many projects going at once using different camps. Developers manage their own camps with all the self-service tools they need. It really is a better way to work.”

    —Spencer Christensen, Infrastructure Team Lead, Backcountry.com

    “The DevCamps system has provided a fantastic platform for making changes to our website with the ability to proof them in a safe environment, away from the public eye. The camps environment also allows us to keep lots of projects rolling at one time. Camps are an invaluable part of the daily development of our website.”

    —Karen Jacob, Director of Web Development, CityPASS

    For more information, contact us, or visit devcamps.org

    Send us a message!

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