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Liquid Galaxy Hackathon 2021

Seth Jensen

By Seth Jensen
October 2, 2021

Our NYC hackathon group

A few months ago we had our first company gathering since the pandemic started. About 20 End Pointers came to our New York City office to work on various Liquid Galaxy projects, and for several of us, to meet each other in person for the first time.

Except for our NYC-based team, this was everyone’s first look at the “new” office; we moved offices in January of 2020, so COVID-19 shut down about 14 months of office use.

The hackathon group

Our CMS team worked on some exciting updates to our Liquid Galaxy CMS, including implementing new and improved techonologies for the database and user interface.

The CMS team
The CMS team: Zed, Dan, and Jeff

Our Research and Development team worked on upgrades to the Liquid Galaxy itself, focusing on creating smoother transitions for multimedia presentations. This included a custom window manager created by Matt, dubbed “Matt WM” by the team.

Neil, Jacob, Matt, and Will working on the Liquid Galaxy
Will, Matt, Jacob, and Neil, hard at work

Our support team worked on spinning up documentation and data entry to bring our inventory up to date and prepare for the next wave of installations.

Darius hacking away
Darius hacking away

It was great to see everyone at the NYC office, working elbow to elbow. We saw plenty of the hard work and camaraderie which is End Point’s speciality. Until next time, we will continue to improve the Liquid Galaxy remotely!

View from our new office on the 19th floor

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