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Company Meeting Wrap-Up

By Steph Skardal
June 18, 2012

End Pointers at our annual company meeting!

Many of us End Pointers are back to work after last week’s annual company meeting of 2012 held in New York City. We attended a 3-day conference full of technical tips, client updates, and general company news. Everyone participated in live blogging during the conference, producing valuable documentation to allow us to revisit what was discussed. Here’s a list of all the articles in case you missed any, or felt overwhelmed by the articles in the RSS feed:

Liquid Galaxy

Liquid Galaxy: Past, Present, and Future
Liquid Galaxy: A Tour
Liquid Galaxy: Trials and Tribulations
Liquid Galaxy: Google Earth Tours

Client Updates

Client Update: CityPass
Client Update: Berkman Center
Client Update: CSI
Client Update: Paper Source
Client Update: College District
Client Update: Locate Express
Client Update: World of Powersports

Client Case Studies

Case Study: SQL Injection
Case Study: Working with Spree
Case Study: Interchange Caching

General Tips & Company News

End Point’s Ruby Slippers
Writing Tips
Popular Mobile Apps

Hosting and SysAdmin

IPv6 Basics
OpenSSH Tips and Tricks
Security and Paranoia
Chef and Puppet Overview

Development Miscellany

Clean Editor and Git Workflow Tips
Git Workflows
Popular jQuery Modules
Tips on PayPal Integration
RailsAdmin and Django
Bowling night! Here we are, divided up into our teams.

Since the majority of us work remotely, the meeting also served as a good time to socialize and visit with our coworkers. We participated in a friendly bowling competition, a “Brain” bowl, went out to dinner, and saw some popular sites in NYC.

View from the Empire State Building.

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