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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    The Berkman Center projects

    Terry Grant

    By Terry Grant
    June 13, 2012

    Brian Gadoury and his awesome socks gave a great and informative presentation on our client Berkman Center.


    The Berkman Center’s mission is to explore and understand cyberspace; and to study its development, dynamics, norms and standards.

    Brian’s first project was called Zone One that is a document repository tool that houses all of the electronic documents for use by Harvard. You can search by document name, tags, and content. Zone One is written using open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Solr, and DevCamps.

    The application includes an array of features that allow you to interact with the search results and the documents themselves. Each entry can have detailed meta-data associated with it, that can be referenced by future users.

    One of the nice features of Zone One is its upload feature. It allows you to drag and drop files into a section the form for upload. The upload interface also includes a very nice SFTP system that utilizes virtual users on the system you are uploading to, to manage the files being uploaded and connected to the entry you are creating.

    Phase two of the project will include features to export to external repositories, a bulk import feature, and an API.

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