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Afif Sohaili

Afif Sohaili

Afif is a full-stack web developer with a bias towards frontend development and UX. He has used a wide range of technologies to build web apps, including Vue.js, React, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, Node.js, Java, and Scala.

DevOps has been part of Afif’s work too, including configuring CI/CD pipelines on Jenkins and GitLab CI, and deploying apps to AWS services such as ECS (Elastic Container Service), Lambda, API Gateway, and S3, using the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tools CloudFormation and Terraform.

Afif loves building projects on the side for fun to expand and sharpen his knowledge and skills in crafting great web applications.


ServiceRocket, 2017–2021. Developed multiple Confluence add-ons, both on Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud.

Booster (later Custom Ink Fundraising), 2014–2017. Worked on an ecommerce/​crowdfunding platform built on Ruby on Rails.


  • BS, Computer Science, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, 2014.


When Afif is not spending time with his family, he loves watching movies or YouTube videos about many different topics and improving his stock-trading knowledge.