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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    End Point’s New Tennessee Office

    Benjamin Goldstein

    By Benjamin Goldstein
    January 14, 2014

    This position has been filled. See our active job listings here.

    End Point has opened a new office for our Liquid Galaxy business in Bluff City, Tennessee. Bluff City is in the Tri-Cities region in the eastern corner of Tennessee. Our new place is 3500+ square feet and has ample office and warehouse space for our growing Liquid Galaxy business.

    From our start back in 1995, End Point has always been a “distributed company” with a modest headquarters in Manhattan. (The headquarters was especially modest in our early days.) The majority of End Point’s employees work from their home offices. Our work focusing on development with Open Source software and providing remote systems support requires relatively little space, so our distributed office arrangement has been a cost-effective and wonderful way to work.

    However, over the last four years our work with Liquid Galaxy systems has presented us with some old-fashioned physical-world challenges. Our space requirements have steadily increased as we’ve tested more and more components and built several generations of Liquid Galaxies, and as we’ve prepped and packed increasing numbers of systems going out for permanent installations and events. We’ve well outstripped the space of our Manhattan headquarters, my garage, and a storage unit; hence, our new office in Bluff City.

    We moved into our Tennessee facility in November and have been whipping it into shape since then. Our Liquid Galaxy team remains distributed, with a good number of staffers in our NYC office, plus elsewhere in the US and internationally, but we now have a core of talented personnel in our new office too: Matt Vollrath, Will Plaut, and Neil Elliott. And, we will be adding to our staff in the new office as well. At last we have lots of space! If you are interested in joining us in our Bluff City office developing and supporting Liquid Galaxy systems and have excellent Linux or Geospatial Information Systems skills then let us know through our contact form.

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