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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    VisionPort: A Breakdown

    Ben Witten

    By Ben Witten
    January 1, 2022

    A VisionPort-equipped meeting room

    In late 2021, End Point Corporation’s immersive technology team officially launched VisionPort. Evolved from End Point’s Liquid Galaxy, VisionPort allows presenters to share content between embedded displays, managed devices, and wireless controllers, all from the tap of a finger. VisionPort was created to incorporate relevant conferencing and office technologies with a powerful and impactful video wall solution.

    Unique to VisionPort is the method that allows for full-resolution applications — synchronized, with geometrically adjusted instances — regardless of the number of displays. This technique avoids the fish-eye distortion commonly seen on conventional video walls created by stretching content beyond its typical aspect ratio, and ensures that the highest quality content can be delivered to viewers.

    The platform also integrates with other displays placed in the room, enabling users to control the experience of the visualizations presented for their participants.

    A person acting as Meeting Director can both interact with and guide multiple inbound video streams via an intuitive interface on an iPad or other tablet controller. With the appropriate setup, directing someone’s laptop image to any screen in the room is as easy as swiping a video thumbnail into the appropriate square on the tablet.

    A VisionPort immersive space, with a 14-screen video wall, three large touch screens, a tablet, and two laptops

    Above is a conceptual rendering of how VisionPort can be integrated into a workspace. This rendering features:

    • The base VisionPort product, in this case outfitted with fourteen HD displays split into two rows of seven (although this could just as easily be one row of seven, two rows of five, or one single large screen).
    • Two additional side screens, integrated with the base VisionPort system and accessible via the CMS.
    • The SSI Kit incorporated on the left screen, sharing the left side’s laptop display content.
    • The VCI Kit incorporated on the right screen, sharing the video wall content to an active Zoom meeting, also featured on the right laptop.
    • Wireless controllers in the front of the room, in addition to an embedded touchscreen.
    • Other features not shown above include room audio and support for alternative control methods via USB.

    While this particular implementation may seem extravagant, each individual part of the platform is modular, and can be included in the initial installation, or as an enhancement to an existing installation.

    Our VisionPort platform combines custom server hardware with commercial displays and relevant conferencing technology to create the ideal cutting-edge conference room system for enterprises in commercial real estate, logistics, and travel, among other industries.

    Central to VisionPort is End Point’s CMS (Content Management System), which enables clients to quickly and easily build multimedia presentations for the platform, and End Point’s excellent 24×7 support.

    Charts and GIS displayed on the VisionPort

    VisionPort’s system architecture is based in Linux and ROS (Robot Operating System), and provides a fundamentally secure, stable, and flexible environment for organizations seeking to display geospatial data sets in a concise and interactive manner. Research universities, multimedia studios, and data laboratories are also well positioned to fully leverage VisionPort, as it allows for multiple data sources and visualization streams to be viewed simultaneously. Museums, aquariums, and science centers use VisionPort to wow their visitors, combining immersive video with interactive displays that surround the guests in a data-immersive environment.

    VisionPort is a huge step forward in End Point’s mission to create the ideal platform for shared immersive presentations, and our team put in a great effort to bring this to life. We are proud to announce that VisionPort is ready for deployment. For more information, contact sales@visionport.com or visit www.visionport.com.