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Video Conference Integration

Alejandro Ramon

By Alejandro Ramon
September 3, 2021

Liquid Galaxy being displayed in a Zoom call

End Point’s Immersive and Geospatial Division is proud to announce the rollout of our new Video Conference Integration as an extension to the Liquid Galaxy platform’s capabilities.

Video Conference Integration allows a user to join Zoom calls or host meetings with a native, software-level view of the Liquid Galaxy. The necessary hardware and software configuration can be added to existing installations or included in a solution provided by our sales team.

Functionally, this allows users to remotely share and view the Liquid Galaxy through a high-definition live stream, giving end users the capability to test content remotely or join in on presentations from other offices. Furthermore, the participant view can be shared to the main display wall or to an integrated side screen so that presenters or members in the Liquid Galaxy room can see and interact with others in the meeting.

Our integration currently supports Zoom. We plan to support Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex in the future.

A Liquid Galaxy screenshot

Why we created this

The need for flexibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic raised the question of how users could present to clients who were unable to travel or be present in-person. We at End Point wanted to ensure that our clients felt empowered to continue their work and feel confident that they could share their message to users and employees working remotely.

Who this benefits

This capability in particular benefits our commercial clients, who by it can view the system and its content fully remotely.

How it works

The Liquid Galaxy can be added to a Zoom meeting by starting, scheduling, or joining a meeting from the Zoom Tap (a touchscreen with software integration for Zoom conferencing) or through the Zoom Rooms management software. The Zoom Room is managed by your company, meaning that it can be configured to have access to the team member mailing list for instant meeting invites, and other features found on the Zoom Rooms platform.

If you are an existing client and have any questions about this new capability, please let us know. If you are considering a Liquid Galaxy platform for your organization and would like to learn more, please reach out to us.