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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    From Liquid Galaxy to VisionPort

    Alejandro Ramon

    By Alejandro Ramon
    November 23, 2021

    A VisionPort system

    We are rebranding! Meet the future of Liquid Galaxy: VisionPort.

    We are proud to announce the official launch of VisionPort, the next phase for Liquid Galaxy. We have spent the past six months taking steps to rebrand, expand, and reposition our product to combine modern working necessities with the traditional kiosk-style, shared immersive experience familiar to our clients. Through these efforts have come a robust product encompassing an entire room of enhanced features, screens, and conference-enabling applications.

    While our core product will remain consistent with what our clients know and love, current and future clients can look forward to significant updates to the content management system and user experience. We are also proud to announce advanced add-on features that will allow our current and future clients to make their systems more collaborative, interactive, and adaptable to their needs.

    Our core offerings include:

    • Extensive preparation and customization of screens, servers, and frames
    • Google Earth, Cesium, Street View, etc.
    • Content Management System
    • Ongoing support service
    • Custom installation, system, and content consulting
    • Comprehensive system and content training

    Our add-on offerings now include:

    • Video Conference Integration: Allows users to join video conferences or host meetings with a native, software-level view of the Liquid Galaxy.
    • Screen Share Integration: Allows users to share their content to the main displays. Supports sharing laptop, phone, or tablet’s presentation files and media to any screen on VisionPort.
    • Media Stream Integration: Allows users to share any HDMI video source onto any of the main displays on VisionPort.
    • Support for integrating all the above and the Content Management System with any additional side displays to complement the main screens.
    • VisionPort Remote: Full remote control of the content and camera view, intended for touch devices. Also supports remote view-only sharing.

    All of these enhancements are detailed at our new website, www.visionport.com.

    Please note that we also recently made a major domain change for our organization: Our new domain name is www.endpointdev.com — feel free to look through that site as well!

    In the same vein, all existing and future clients can now reach us at the www.visionport.com domain. Our team will be proactively reaching out to all of our clients to inform them of these changes, and will be available to answer any questions about the changes or upgrades available.

    We are very excited about these new advancements, offerings, and rebranding opportunities. We look forward to engagement with current and future clients alike.

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