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    End Pointers are found around the world solving problems and serving our customers.

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    Nicholas Piano

    Nicholas Piano

    Over time, Nicholas has come to be familiar with some of the more common problems that one has to solve when building user interfaces. He normally does this with React, so a lot of the ways he thinks about a problem is in this context.

    But an understanding of user interfaces alone is not enough without an understanding of how to move data around, so a lot of his work has been with databases and APIs. For this, he mostly uses Python with Django (when he cares about math being correct) and Node.js (when he is not doing math).


    Lead Frontend Engineer, Voltz Labs, 1 year. Frontend and blockchain plumbing for a DeFi interest rate swap market. Main technologies used were React, Node.js, GraphQL, Ethereum subgraph, and Solidity (including events). Also made heavy use of Docker and Storybook (highly recommended).

    Frontend Engineer, UW (Utility Warehouse), 1 year. Frontend development for a utilities sales platform. Mostly used React and Docker, with a bit of a foray into Kubernetes. This is where Nicholas learnt the value of good UI/UX design and how valuable a good designer can be.

    Frontend Engineer, Carthook, 1 year. Frontend development for an upsell plugin for Shopify. Mostly used React that specifically worked within the Shopify system.

    Lead Frontend Engineer, SixEye, 2 years. Frontend development for a remote management tool for lighting controller devices. Used React primarily. This is where Nicholas learnt many of the coding styles that he still uses today.


    • MPhil Engineering, Cambridge University, 2015.
    • BSc Astrophysics, Edinburgh University, 2014.


    Nicholas enjoys where he lives in Valencia, Spain, and many of the things he does are based around it. He goes hiking in the surrounding hills and mountains. He enjoys visiting beaches and bays up and down the coast. He loves to experience new restaurants in the city.

    He also loves to travel whenever he can. He likes to balance where he goes between places he’s been before and enjoyed, and new places.

    Nicholas Piano

    Nicholas’s blog posts

    Type guards in TypeScript

    October 12, 2022