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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    National Braille Press Releases Redesigned Website

    Elizabeth Garrett Christensen

    By Elizabeth Garrett Christensen
    August 28, 2019

    End Point congratulates National Braille Press on the recent release of their redesigned website, launched earlier this week! National Braille Press (NBP) supports the blind and low-vision community with events, initiatives, resources, children’s programs, and a bookstore. NBP has been working with End Point since 2002 and hosts and maintains their website, which is based on the Interchange open-source ecommerce platform.

    Project Phases

    End Point started working with NBP on this redesign project in late 2017. We began with a user experience (UX) review & content strategy project which resulted in design directives for our in-house team. Design and plans were completed in mid-2018 and implementation began then. End Point built a new, more powerful search feature and developed a number of ‘cornerstone’ pages while NBP staff worked tirelessly in-house to convert the rest of the pages on their website to the new designs.

    Leveraging NBP In-House Resources

    NBP’s wide reach in their community and long history means their website has hundreds of content pages. This can be costly to convert, and for some non-profits, can make a redesign project cost-prohibitive. End Point engineers Greg Davidson and Marco Pessotto worked alongside NBP staff helping them learn the Bootstrap web development toolkit and the steps they needed to take to integrate each page into the new designs. Using these in-house resources dramatically reduced the overall project cost while allowing the content to be converted carefully by hand with accuracy and care.

    WCAG 2.0, AA Standard

    NBP’s user base is heavily centered in the low-vision community, so compliance with user accessibility standards was a main focus of the redesign effort. End Point worked with NBP to make sure all of the engineers on the project were trained in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) AA standards and guidelines. Testing for compliance was done with AXE and WAVE Chrome accessibility plugins. NBP also completed direct user testing with screen readers and devices.

    Congrats again to NBP on completing this project with us!

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