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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Liquid Galaxy Support Engineer Job Opening

    Benjamin Goldstein

    By Benjamin Goldstein
    December 13, 2018

    This position has been filled. See our active job listings here.

    Liquid Galaxy Installation

    We are looking for a full-time engineer to help us further support the software, infrastructure, and hardware integration for our Liquid Galaxy and related systems. Liquid Galaxy is an impressive panoramic system for Google Earth, Street View, CesiumJS, panoramic photos and videos, 3D visualizations, and other applications.

    Since Liquid Galaxy is a global operation, we are looking for an engineer who will cover shifts from 5 PM U.S. Eastern Time from Wednesday through Friday; as well as both Saturday & Sunday from approximately 9 AM until 6 PM U.S. Eastern Time. These hours may have to be adjusted slightly.

    What you will be doing:

    • Remotely supporting End Point’s Liquid Galaxy systems and infrastructure (system updates, availability, troubleshooting)
    • Joining a support team with after hours on-call responsibilities
    • Creating and supporting the development of presentations built using End Point’s web-based CMS for Liquid Galaxy
    • Improving the system with automation, monitoring, and customizing configurations to customers’ needs
    • Clearly documenting your work

    What you will need:

    • Linux system administration skills (Bash, SSH, general networking)
    • Experience using Google Earth and other mapping systems
    • Programming experience with JavaScript, Python, C/C++, Ruby, Perl, and/or shell
    • Sharp troubleshooting ability
    • A customer-centered focus
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills
    • Experience directing your own work and being part of a remote team
    • Enthusiasm for learning new technologies

    Bonus points for experience with the following:

    • Experience with automation tools such as Chef, Ansible, Salt, or Puppet
    • Web server and client technology (HTML, CSS, etc.)
    • Geospatial systems, SketchUp, Blender, 3D modeling
    • Packaging software (e.g. dpkg/apt or RPM/Yum)
    • Image and video capture and processing
    • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and non-relational)
    • Contributions to open source projects

    About us

    End Point is a technology consulting company founded in 1995 and based in New York City, with 37 full-time employees with many working remotely from home offices. We serve over 200 clients ranging from small family businesses to large corporations, using a wide variety of technologies. Our team works together using tmux, chat applications, video conferencing, and even regular telephones.

    How to apply

    Please email us an introduction to jobs@endpointdev.com to apply. (This job has been filled.) Include a resume and your GitHub or other URLs that would help us get to know you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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