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Liquid Galaxy developer job opening

Jon Jensen

By Jon Jensen
October 13, 2016

This position has been filled! Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.

We are looking for a full-time, salaried engineer to help us further develop our software, infrastructure, and hardware integration for the impressive Liquid Galaxy. The Liquid Galaxy was created by Google to provide an immersive experience of Google Earth and other applications.

This position is located at either our satellite office in Bluff City, Tennessee, or in Eugene, Oregon.

What you will be doing:

  • Develop new software involving panoramic video, Google Earth, a custom CMS, and ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Improve the system with automation, monitoring, and customizing configurations to customers’ needs
  • Provide remote and occasional on-site troubleshooting and support at customer locations
  • Build tours and supporting tools for emerging markets
  • Integrate and test new hardware to work with the system

What’s in it for you?

  • Flexible full-time work hours
  • Benefits including health insurance and 401(k) retirement savings plan
  • Annual bonus opportunity

What you will need:

  • Sharp troubleshooting ability
  • Experience with “devops” automation tools such as Chef
  • Strong programming experience: Python, JavaScript, C/C++, Ruby, etc.
  • Linux system administration skills
  • A customer-centered focus
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience directing your own work, and working remotely as part of a team
  • Enthusiasm for learning new technologies

Bonus points for experience:

  • Contributing to open source projects
  • Working with geospatial systems, Cesium, Google Maps API, SketchUp, Google Building Maker, Blender, 3D modeling
  • Packaging software (e.g. dpkg/apt or RPM/Yum), building custom OS images, PXE booting
  • Working with Linux device drivers and networking
  • Doing image and video capture and processing, 360° video, or virtual reality
  • Using PostgreSQL or other databases
  • Writing server-side web applications with Django or Flask
  • Working with SAGE2
  • Working with web client technology such as HTML, CSS, DOM, browser extensions

About us

End Point is a technology consulting company founded in 1995 and based in New York City, with 50 full-time employees working from our offices in New York City, the tri-cities area in eastern Tennessee, and from home offices. We serve over 200 clients ranging from small family businesses to large corporations, using a variety of open source technologies. Our team works together using collaboration tools including SSH, tmux/Screen, IRC, Google Hangouts, Skype, wiki, Trello, and GitHub.

How to apply

Please email us an introduction to [email protected] to apply. (This job has been filled.) Include a resume and any URLs that would help us get to know you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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