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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Newest European Liquid Galaxy installation: Google Hamburg shop-in-shop

    Bianca Rodrigues

    By Bianca Rodrigues
    October 2, 2013

    In September 2013, Google opened a store-in-store within the large electronics retailer Saturn in Hamburg. Dominating the visuals of the store is a large Liquid Galaxy on the back wall.

    We partnered with system integrator Pixel Projects this time, and instead of our usual 7 screen display, worked the Liquid Galaxy into an unique 3x3 video wall array. The Liquid Galaxy shows Google Earth and will be showing Google Street View starting later this month, further highlighting the rich set of services offered by Google. It is also integrated with traditional video wall software configured by Pixel Projects such that it it can be switched to displaying Google services such as YouTube, Google Drive, Hangouts, and more. As always, the Liquid Galaxy is a huge customer draw. Customers who come through the store can explore any point on the globe while they browse the Google products.


    End Point worked under the direction of the retail experience agency, Make Retail, to design a fully integrated experience. Once the unique configuration of the Liquid Galaxy was set, we sent along one of our top engineers, Matt Vollrath, to oversee the final hardware and software integration and installations, together with our local deployment partners Pixel.

    As a new step for Google in Europe, the Liquid Galaxy creates a fantastic experience for consumers and enhances the impact of the retail store.

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