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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Disney Liquid Galaxy in Sao Paolo

    Dave Jenkins

    By Dave Jenkins
    August 1, 2013

    End Point recently had the pleasure to work with Disney and Google to bring the Liquid Galaxy to Disney Expo in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

    Disney saw the Liquid Galaxy at the Google office in Sao Paulo and recognized the “WOW!” factor that the display platform can provide, and the Disney Expo organizers saw a great fit for promoting the release of the upcoming animated film PLANES. Disney engaged End Point to develop a custom menu of “fly to” locations featured in the movie.

    Attendees at the Expo experienced those locations in immersive high definition across 7 screens surrounding the viewer. End Point created a custom menu for the touch screen with one-touch buttons that “flew” the users to locations featured in PLANES:

    • USA — Statue of Liberty
    • ICELAND — Reykjavik Botanical Garden
    • GERMANY — Deutsches Museum
    • INDIA — Taj Mahal
    • NEPAL — Himalayas
    • CHINA — Great Wall
    • MEXICO — Pyramids of Yucatan

    The experience for the attendees at the expo was such that they could virtually fly to these locations just like the characters in the movie. Other options on the touch screen menu featured the Disney resort properties:

    • USA — Orlando — Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom)
    • USA — Anaheim / California — Disneyland
    • PARIS — Disneyland Paris
    • JAPAN — Tokyo Disneyland
    • HONG KONG — Hong Kong Disneyland

    We at End Point have always believed in the ability of the immersive Liquid Galaxy experience to present and promote information and engage an audience. Before the Disney Expo staff took notice of the Liquid Galaxy in Sao Paulo, I must confess that promoting a major motion picture was not on our radar as a potential use case.

    In true show business fashion, the budget and timeline was tight. We could not have done it without our great crew who made it all happen behind the scenes. Our stars on this set are:

    • Marco Manchego — Our man in Brazil who handled logistics arrangements with Disney and Google and End Point coordinating with our colleague Gerard Drazba in the US. Marco also performed the hands on work of setting up the frame, screens, and computers, and manned the Liquid Galaxy at the Expo.

    • Kiel Christofferson — Was handed the custom programming requirements with only days to go before delivery and built the touchscreen interface and many of the individual tours.

    • Josh Tolley — Pitched in with some work in Kamelopard, the fly-to authoring and management tool developed by End Point.

    • Adam Vollrath — Joined Marco and Gerard to clean up some slight network issues on the morning of the expo at the venue and then it was showtime!

    The Expo opened July 13 running through August 1 at the TransAmerica Center in Sao Paulo and the Liquid Galaxy is dazzling and amazing as usual. Kids, adults, and everyone in-between is seeing the magic of our planet as they zoom from location to location.

    We’re proud of this opportunity to continue working with Google and to add Disney to our list of Liquid Galaxy deployments!

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