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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Some great press for College District

    Ron Phipps

    By Ron Phipps
    January 5, 2012

    College District has been getting some positive press lately, the most recent being a Forbes article which talks about the success they have been seeing in the last few years.

    College District is a company that sells collegiate merchandise to fans. They got their start focusing on the LSU Tigers at TigerDistrict.com and have branched out to teams such as the Oregon Ducks and Alabama Roll Tide.

    We’ve been working with Jared Loftus at College District for over four years. College District is running on a heavily modified Interchange system with some cool Postgres tricks. The system can support a nearly unlimited number of sites, running on 2 catalogs (1 for the admin, 1 for the front end) and 1 database. The key to the system is different schemas, fronted by views, that hide and expose records based on the database user that is connected. The great thing about this system is that Jared can choose to launch a new store within a day and be ready for sales, something he has taken advantage of in the past when a team is on fire and he sees an opportunity he can’t pass up.

    We are currently preparing for a re-launch of the College District site that will focus on crowd-sourced designs. Artists and fans will submit their designs, have them voted on, some will be chosen to be sold and the folks that have their designs chosen will get paid for their efforts. The goal here is to grow a community that guides what College District and the individual school sites ultimately sell.

    With College District’s quick growth we’ve also been helping them improve their order fulfillment process. This includes streamlining how orders are picked, packed and shipped. The introduction of barcode scanners will help with the accuracy and speed of the process.

    We get a kick out of seeing our clients succeed, especially those that come to us with a clear vision and a good attitude, and then put the hard work in to make it happen. It’s an exciting year ahead for College District and we’ll be right there supporting them on the journey.

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