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Emre Hasegeli

Emre Hasegeli

“Emre clearly knows his stuff :) — we got tons of information we needed. Thank you again Emre!” —Artur Styś, Head of Development, Freeport Metrics

“Thanks again for the awesome session—you really exceeded my expectations. I’m really really happy. Emre did an awesome job!” —founder of a startup in stealth mode

Emre started his career as a programmer and later shifted more to database/​system administration. He likes to maintain, improve, and design software systems.

He is experienced in various programming languages, operating systems, and database management systems. Python, Linux, and PostgreSQL are the ones he is best at. He has been partially involved in PostgreSQL development since 2014.

Emre enjoys learning from and teaching to people he is working with, and has trained successful system and database administrators in the past.


Database Expert, Smarkets Ltd., London, UK, 2018–2020. Served in the core exchange team to solve the company’s longstanding database problems.

Expert Database Administrator, InnoGames GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, 2015–2018. Had a special role in the system administration team to modernise the company’s administration processes and to serve as an in-house database consultant.

System Administrator, Tart Internet, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011–2014. Developed and maintained the 3rd biggest betting site of Turkey.

Programmer, Ares Technology, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009–2011. Transformed a drug reference book to a web application.

Part-time Student Software Developer, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, 2007–2009. Maintained and improved the dormitory management system.


Emre likes cooking, reading history, swimming in the sea, and dancing.