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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    CSTE Conference 2023 Retrospective

    Samuel Stern

    By Samuel Stern
    July 14, 2023

    Seven members of the End Point CasePointer team standing in front of the CSTE 2023 press wall

    End Point is proud to have been an exhibitor at the 2023 Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    We are grateful to have had the opportunity to showcase our public health software suite offering, CasePointer, to numerous state, tribal, territorial, and international epidemiologists.

    The conference served as a meeting place to hear about the latest research in the fields of informatics and disease surveillance, and discuss the future of data management on state and national levels, with many talks exploring the technologies that will become future standards and practices.

    The End Point booth was abuzz with visitors getting hands-on demos using the EpiTrax software as well as learning about the other aspects of the CasePointer suite, such as the Electronic Message Staging Area (EMSA), our new disease reporting portal, and the EpiTrax NMI module.

    Trade show booth for CasePointer by End Point, featuring EpiTrax

    The CasePointer demo highlighted its capability of streamlining the management of epidemiological data with a user-friendly and highly customizable interface.

    The CSTE conference provides a valuable opportunity to engage with epidemiologists and gain insights into the daily obstacles they encounter in data reception, management, and sharing. It offers a platform to learn about their strategies for overcoming these challenges within their respective jurisdictions.

    One of the common topics that came up was tackling the challenge of file transfers using current protocols and systems in place. We were happy to share our successes using EMSA to customize how data is received and uploaded to EpiTrax, making transfers faster, more reliable, and easier to manage.

    Booth close-up with flyers, pens, etc. offered by End Point staffer whose name Samuel shows on his conference lanyard

    We look forward to further conversations with the visitors that stopped by our booth, and hope that you enjoyed the locally crafted chocolates and caramels and saved some for the trip home!

    Are you interested in a demo of the CasePointer suite? Reach out to us at ask@endpointdev.com to set up a meeting.

    casepointer epitrax conference