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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    CSTE Conference EpiTrax retrospective

    Steve Yoman

    By Steve Yoman
    June 29, 2022

    Banner photo of 4 End Pointers in our conference booth

    Last week we were in Louisville, Kentucky for the CSTE Conference. End Point staffed a conference booth to represent the EpiTrax public health surveillance system to a wonderful group of public health experts.

    You can read some background about the conference and CSTE in our earlier blog post announcing our plans.

    Photo of attendees at a CSTE conference session

    We really enjoyed meeting new friends in person after two years of canceled events due to the pandemic. We spoke with staff from health departments and disease surveillance teams from several state and local jurisdictions, as well as with experts from the CDC and other software and service vendors.

    One of the highlights was going around to meet other people staffing booths at the conference. It charged us up to see and hear about all of the interesting and innovative things going on in the public health space at a time when there is so much that needs to be done. We were particularly struck by the efforts being made in onboarding and distributing ELRs and eCRs, areas where the Electronic Message Staging Area (EMSA, which we deploy and support) can complement and enrich those activities.

    Photo of CSTE conference hall

    The open-source disease surveillance and reporting software EMSA and EpiTrax both enjoyed well-deserved attention as we demonstrated them to numerous groups seeking better solutions to serve people in their jurisdictions. People were very interested in the functionality EpiTrax has for case management, encounters, and NMI reporting.

    Of course there is a lot more we could say about EpiTrax and EMSA. So, if you didn’t find us at the conference or if you are interested in what EpiTrax and EMSA can do, contact us here online. We are happy to give you a demo!

    conference casepointer epitrax emsa