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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Liquid Galaxy at the Nano Museum in Seoul

    Dave Jenkins

    By Dave Jenkins
    September 17, 2020

    21-screen Liquid Galaxy video wall in Seoul, South Korea

    We’re excited to share the news of another great project End Point has launched via our partner in South Korea! The Nano Museum in Seoul has added a brand new 21-screen Liquid Galaxy as part of their exhibits. This huge video wall is interactive and includes pre-programmed flights around the world, deep dives into Google Street View at select locations, and the ability to fly the screens with a 6-axis joystick and touchscreen.

    This project presented some technical challenges for our hardware team: the 21-screen layout is 3× our normal 7-screen layout (but all very doable). For this configuration, we deployed an “LGOne” server stack which has a head node server for the core applications, media storage, and overall management. It also has a large display node server with multiple Nvidia video cards to power the displays. For this large array of screens, we are able to ‘bridge’ the video cards together (not unlike a RAID array for video cards) to produce multiple hi-resolution video outputs. These video outputs then go to the screens, where they are tiled by the displays’ own built-in capabilities.

    We wrote these specific configurations in our build lab in Tennessee, then shipped everything to our partner A-Zero in Seoul. They installed the servers, connected them to the displays, and after some short video conferences to confirm some configuration changes, everything looks great!

    If your museum has a large video wall, and you want to bring the entire Earth, Moon, and Mars, and Ceres to your guests, please contact us today!

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