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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Downtown San Diego Liquid Galaxy

    Dave Jenkins

    By Dave Jenkins
    July 27, 2020

    We just installed a new Liquid Galaxy system for the Downtown San Diego Partnership in the conference room of their office in downtown San Diego (heh). As End Point continues to partner with public organizations, associations, and government agencies, the Liquid Galaxy is proving very effective for showing infrastructure projects, zoning districts, and, most importantly, public engagement with immersive data models. Downtown San Diego wanted to bring presentations and visualizations to a much larger canvas, and the Liquid Galaxy fit well with their open floor plan and large conference room.

    Downtown San Diego is tasked with promoting the development of the downtown corridor to their members and the wider public. They can now build some great presentations to fully leverage the 7 large screens showing 3D models of new developments, zoning maps superimposed directly on Google Earth, and with the 4K videos all programmed to show in sequenced scenes, or simply fly through the city with a 6-axis controller and iPad.

    This installation presented some unique challenges. The first was an asymmetric wall layout with a large flat wall, smaller angled wall, and an alcove that needed accommodation. The first thing we did was to go onsite and take some measurements. We also received a 2D floorplan from our client. From this floorplan we built a 3D model using Blender:

    Blender model

    One more blender model

    This allowed us to propose some options for screen layouts in the room, with either an asymmetric screen pattern to match the wall closely, or a symmetric/​balanced pattern that would show better but come out from the wall further. The client chose the symmetric layout (of course), which then drove the second challenge: how to build out a mounting frame in a pandemic?

    Our engineers put down their keyboards and picked up their circular saws. Dan Briones, an accomplished carpenter as well as our Director of Operations, designed a full mounting frame in his shop in New York, which was all completely flat-packed, and then shipped to San Diego, where our lead engineer Jandro Ramon took the frame, the servers, and the screens, and built another great deployment for Downtown San Diego.

    We welcome Downtown San Diego Partnership to the family of Liquid Galaxy deployments. We’re confident this will provide a great centerpiece for their events, conferences, and public outreach efforts.

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