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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Custom cabinets for the Liquid Galaxy

    Ben Witten

    By Ben Witten
    October 1, 2019

    Liquid Galaxy installation encased in a wood cabinet

    End Point is proud to announce a new offering in its product line: Liquid Galaxy systems built into beautiful custom cabinets! Our first custom cabinet was created and installed at Auburn University’s Ralph Brown Draughon Library this past month. Both we and the University are thrilled with the success of this install.

    Cabinets provide a perfect hybrid solution for clients who want the look of permanence and grace that comes with a wall-mounted system, but are somehow limited by their physical space. Until now, clients were given options of an entry-level system on a portable aluminum frame (great for those in need of moving displays to various locations) or permanent wall-hung systems that are a build-out of a curved reinforced wall.

    In the case of the recent installation at Auburn University (pictured top), the library staff elected to have a cabinet built because the wood-grained structure was more conducive to the architectural integrity of their beautiful library and the popular location they wanted it to be in.

    (Update in December 2021: You can learn more about Auburn University’s installation in my follow-up after two years of operation at the library.)

    Other custom creations

    Since 2012, the Liquid Galaxy immersive visual platform has been a primary focus for End Point. Since our first installation at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, we have installed and supported many types of systems ranging from 3 to 48 screens. These systems have expanded across 20 countries and 6 different continents! We have supported many customized and innovative projects, including these:

    Liquid Galaxy in a flat layout

    Liquid Galaxy in a conference-room layout

    Liquid Galaxy Liquid galaxy in a 2x7 cylinder layout

    Liquid Galaxy in a traditional 1x7 cylinder layout

    Whether portable and free-standing, permanent in-wall, or built within a beautiful cabinet, End Point has a full complement of options for meeting our clients’ installation, exhibiting, and business needs. The new cabinet offering can ease and accelerate your decision-making considerations by not having to renovate existing walls, or build new additions to a space.

    Liquid Galaxy cabinet diagram

    We are very happy with the success of our new cabinet offering and look forward to developing and installing more cabinets and Liquid Galaxies for our clients. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more!