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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    SCAM ALERT: EndPoint Petroleum Corporation, P&Z Petroleum

    Benjamin Goldstein

    By Benjamin Goldstein
    June 22, 2019

    Person using laptop computers
    Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

    This blog post is to alert the public, targeted individuals, and relevant authorities about a scam being perpetrated under the guise of a fictitious company called “EndPoint Petroleum Corporation”. The scammers have set up a website for this fake company, copying much of the content from Noble Energy. The scammers have adapted an old version of our logo for their nefarious purposes.

    We will refrain from posting the URL for the scammers’ website since we don’t want to increase its SEO ranking, but it is shown in the image capture above. At first glance this website looks legitimate, but closer observation provides abundant evidence to the contrary. Rather than posting a list of its defects which would assist the scammers, I urge the interested reader to spend five minutes on the website.

    An email forwarded to us from one of their targets provides an example of how the scammers are trying to use their website. They are targeting people outside the US with experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, telling them that they have been “shortlisted” for an Operations Manager position with the bogus company. The scammers then tell their targets to contact their “required travel agency” to make arrangements for a trip to the United States for an in-person interview.

    We know that the scammers are using LinkedIn to contact their targets. They may also be contacting potential targets via other means as well. And it stands to reason that they may have posted their fake job offer on one or more job boards.

    Trying to Take This Down

    We have contacted and followed up with various authorities and organizations about this scam. We are going to continue our efforts in this regard. We welcome any assistance or advice that anyone can offer that would help with this. Please use our contact form to contact us.

    Sample Scam Letters and Job Description

    Below are several attachments that have been forwarded to us by one of their intended victims:

    December 2019 Update: P&Z Petroleum

    Several potential victims have informed us that the scammers have begun using another name, P&Z Petroleum or PZ Petroleum, signing letters with:

    Mr. Gary Mason
    Human Resource Manager
    3422 San Felipe Street
    Houston, TX 77056-2723
    United States

    Contact Person: Mr. Kris Clark
    2400 Augusta Dr
    Houston, TX 77057, USA
    Phone Number: +1 832-861-1505
    Email: kris.clark@startravelsagency.com

    They are also trying to lure medical doctors and nurses, in addition to various management and engineering roles.

    If they have contacted you, run away and report them to the authorities!

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