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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Meet the End Point Windows consulting group

    Chris Hopkins

    By Chris Hopkins
    July 27, 2018

    As the share of internet traffic passing through mobile devices hovers around 50%, it’s easy to forget that a lot of computing still happens on desktops and laptops—​and perhaps even easier to forget that the majority of those desktops and laptops are running Microsoft Windows.

    At End Point, we take pride in being a multi-platform organization and using open source technologies in real-world business environments. Our internal chat service, wiki, and many other libraries and tools we employ across our client base are all open source. However, for various reasons many companies choose Microsoft’s solutions including long-time standards Windows Server, Active Directory, and Exchange.

    In April 2017, Dan Briones came to End Point to head up the company’s new Windows infrastructure services. In 2018 we added two new engineers to the mix, Chris Hopkins and Charles Chang, to form a full-service Windows consulting team, all local to our New York City office on Park Avenue.

    Dan Briones

    Dan Briones

    Dan is the team lead and has over three decades of hands-on experience in IT systems management, systems integrations, migrations, virtualization, networking, security, orchestration, security, compliance, and maintenance, specializing in the Microsoft Windows ecosystem. He also develops applications using the .NET framework and SQL Server database. Dan works with many of our local New York clients, focusing on their network and infrastructure.

    Charles Chang

    Charles Chang

    Charles has 21 years of experience in IT ranging from managing Windows infrastructure, to datacenter relocation and hardware refresh initiatives, office relocation, virtualization, disaster recovery and business continuity strategy. Charles has worked extensively with major vendors such as VMware, IBM, EMC, Cisco, and Dell in building enterprise environments in the datacenter. He also has experience in implementing data loss prevention technology, web and email filtering to protect and provide a healthy infrastructure.

    Chris Hopkins

    Chris Hopkins

    Chris has 10 years of experience in IT, network support, and development. He has extensive cross-platform development and hardware knowledge. Chris excels at mail migrations, Active Directory and Windows Server environments, site-to-site website migrations, and cloud-based phone systems.

    Learn more about the services our Windows consulting group offers and talk to us today about how we can help you too!

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