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Liquid Galaxy at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

By Dave Jenkins
February 13, 2018

Liquid Galaxy showing Pyeongchang Olympic venues

The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Pyeongchang, Korea! We’re proud to note that we have a full Liquid Galaxy running onsite there as well.

Our Seoul-based partner, AZero, has been working closely with KEPCO, the Korean power company, to bring Liquid Galaxies to several of their visitor centers scattered throughout South Korea. KEPCO utilizes the Liquid Galaxy to showcase their infrastructure elements of hydroelectric dams, large power stations, and substations to show how they bring electricity to the 40M+ people living in South Korea.

Liquid Galaxy showing aerial view of mountains around Pyeongchang

As a lead corporate sponsor of the games, KEPCO wanted to bring that same story to the Olympic venues. AZero developed new content that highlights the Olympic venues and Pyeongchang area and deployed the Liquid Galaxy at the Gangneung branch office (near Pyeongchang, and also a host of several Olympic venues).

Now that the games are in full swing, KEPCO is bringing VIPs, government officials, and a global list of business contacts to their center, and is using the Liquid Galaxy as the central platform to present their accomplishments.

Liquid Galaxy showing aerial view of South Korea

If you’re in Pyeongchang, why not take some time to see this incredible immersive platform?

End Point is looking forward to further cooperation with AZero in Korea, as well as our partners in Japan for the 2020 Olympic games that will be held in Tokyo.

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