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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Showing Your Client Measurable Progress with Video Updates

    I’ve recently started working on a big new fancy project—​the kind everyone dreams of—​a nice budget, a great client, and lots of fun stuff to dig into. I happened to stumble on a fun and easy way to get a client a weekly update on progress, Videos!

    I used Google Chrome’s Screencastify app to capture my screen along with a vocal narrative to give the client a visual update of what we have accomplished so far this week. I have been using Screencastify Lite and was really happy with the end product. Combined with Google’s developer tools device mode you can toggle between the site’s full screen or mobile view.

    This is a great tool to show a client some measurable progress without going through the pain of showing them an unfinished site, letting them dig into lots of broken links, and having them inevitably stumble on more questions than answers. Plus, your client can digest the content you’ve shown them, avoid the hassle of scheduling a face to face demo, and allow them some time to compose their feedback.

    Next time you need an easy fast way to show progress on a project, try a video!

    clients video