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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Liquid Galaxy for Google.org at SXSW

    Dave Jenkins

    By Dave Jenkins
    March 24, 2015

    End Point enjoyed an opportunity to work with Google.org, who bought a Liquid Galaxy to show their great efforts, at last week’s SXSW conference in Austin. Google.org has a number of projects worldwide, all focused on how tech can bring about unique and inventive solutions for good. To showcase some of those projects, Google asked us to develop presentations for the Liquid Galaxy where people could fly to a given location, read a brief synopsis of the grantee organizations, and view presentations which included virtual flight animations, map overlays, and videos of the various projects.

    Some of the projects included are as follows:

    • Charity:Water—​The charity: water presentation included scenes featuring multi screen video of Scott Harrison (Founder/CEO) and Robert Lee (Director of Special Programs), and an animated virtual tour of charity: water well sites in Ethiopia.
    • World Wildlife Fund—​The World Wildlife Fund presentation featured a virtual tour of the Bouba N’Djida National Park, Cameroon putting the viewer into the perspective of a drone patrolling the park for poachers. Additional scenes in the presentation revealed pathways of transport for illegal ivory from the park through intermediate stops in Nigeria and Hong Kong before reaching China.
    • Samasource—​The Samasource presentation showed slums where workers start and the technology centers they are able to migrate to while serving a global network of technology clients.

    But the work didn’t stop there! Google.org was also sharing the space with the XPrize opening gala on Monday night. For this event, we drew up a simple game where attendees could participate in various events around the room, receive coded answers at each station, and then enter their code into the Liquid Galaxy touchscreen. If successful, the 7-screen display whisked them to the Space Port in the Mojave, then into orbit. If the wrong code was entered, the participant got splashed into the Pacific Ocean. It was great fun!

    The SXSW engagement is the latest in an ongoing campaign to bring attention to global challenges and how Google.org is helping solve those challenges. End Point enjoys a close working relationship with Google and Google.org. We relish the opportunity to bring immersive and inviting displays that convey a wealth of information to viewers in such an entertaining and engrossing manner.

    This event ran for 2 days at the Trinity Hall venue just 1 block from the main SXSW convention center in downtown Austin, Texas.

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