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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Liquid Galaxy installation at Sparkassen-Finanzportal Forum 2014

    Szymon Lipiński

    By Szymon Lipiński
    July 11, 2014

    In May, End Point and Google organized a Liquid Galaxy installation at Sparkassen-Finanzportal Forum 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

    For this event End Point installed the Liquid Galaxy and also prepared custom tours for the Liquid Galaxy showing different Sparkasse localizations across Germany.

    We arrived at Düsseldorf a day before the event, and assembled the whole Liquid Galaxy without any problems. The system consists of 7 displays and 6 computers, so the potential for issues is pretty great, but we’ve done this a number of times, and have worked out a good stable build. After assembly, the system worked pretty well. Our US-based team then finalized the custom tours and uploaded the most recent software and content.

    The next morning when we arrived at the event place, everything was working great, and the system was ready for people to explore and discover. As per usual, people were interested not only in the prepared tours, but also were looking for the places they know (usually, their house!). The overall user experience is great, especially when people were able to see places they hadn’t seen for quite a long time, like the places where they grew up.

    This is another successful conference deployment of the Liquid Galaxy platform. Thanks to all our partners in Europe and the US who helped make this happen.