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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Monitorama, Berlin, EU - Day 1

    Emanuele “Lele” Calò

    By Emanuele “Lele” Calò
    September 19, 2013

    If you care about the quality of your IT infrastructure and work, there are times where you really need to focus on a valuable and important aspect: community.

    The thing is that most people don’t realize how valuable the human factor is when working in the IT field, until they happen to be in such a marvellous conference as Monitorama has been so far.

    I was lucky enough to be there, in Berlin from 2013.09.19 to 2013.09.20, to enjoy all the awesome talks and attendees which was present there. And what I’m really saying that besides most of the speeches were quite technically interesting and definitely good quality ones, they definitely didn’t only revolves about monitoring per se.

    I won’t mention each and every talk, though they all would have deserved it, but I’ll say that while I was very inspired by Danese Copper’s talk about Open Source value and importance, I was also very entertained Ryan Dotsmith’s one about how you could/should learn from failures, either yours or others ones, or the very specific “on the field” one from Katherine Daniels.

    On top of that while I generally don’t appreciate sponsors having “talks” during this kind of conferences, I actually appreciated how they managed to handle the sponsor advertising part of the conference where you have this little, brief demos from the sponsors which are fairly related and never boring or out of context as I have experienced at other conferences.

    A few things I actually got from all talks is that future of monitoring will definitely be all about machine learning and having computers mimic the way human interprets data. We just have to teach computers how to do this kind interpretive tasks as good as we do. It all revolves around this and only then we could all stop saying “You know computers are dumb, you just have to cope with it”.

    One last thing which needs to be told about this awesome conference and needs to be mentioned is the awesome location named “Golgatha Biergarten” park which hosted our dinner, based on local grilled meat and food and an awesome community binding moment which was the perfect enriching closing for such an awesome day.

    So it’s hard to hide how thrilled I am to see what’s coming next tomorrow.

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