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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Liquid Galaxy in GSoC 2012!

    Benjamin Goldstein

    By Benjamin Goldstein
    March 20, 2012

    Once again The Liquid Galaxy Project has been accepted for the Google Summer of Code! Google Summer of Code is a tremendous program that provides an excellent opportunity for talented undergraduate and graduate students to work developing Open Source software guided by a mentor. Students receive $5000 stipends for successfully completing their summer projects. Last year The Liquid Galaxy Project had three GSoC slots for students. This year we are hoping for at least this number of slots again. I know it is not the point, but did I mention that participation in the program is a very nice credit for students to have on their resumes? ;-)

    Right now we are in the “would-be student participants discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations” phase of the program. Interested students should contact the project’s mentors and admins by emailing lg-gsoc@endpoint.com or by jumping into the #liquid-galaxy Freenode IRC channel. Applicants are well advised to take advantage of the opportunity to consult with project mentors in developing their applications. Student applications are being accepted until April 6 and should be emailed to lg-gsoc@endpoint.com.

    The Liquid Galaxy GSoC 2012 Ideas Page is at https://github.com/liquidgalaxy/liquid-galaxy/wiki/GSoC2012. We are interested in project proposals based on all the topics listed there and in other ideas from students for projects that will advance the capabilities of Liquid Galaxy.

    The overall timeline for this year’s Google Summer of Code program is at https://www.google-melange.com/archive/gsoc/2012.

    If you are a student with programming chops who likes Open Source software I highly recommend that you look at the Google Summer of Code program and apply to one or more of the great projects in the program! If you know of students who you think would be a good fit for the program you’ll be doing a good deed by encouraging them to check it out!

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