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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Open Source Bridge: the aftermath

    Selena Deckelmann

    By Selena Deckelmann
    June 24, 2009

    Open Source Bridge Opening Day

    I’ve been planning the Open Source Bridge conference in my spare time over the past 9 months here in Portland, OR. We finally made it happen June 17-19, 2009 at the Oregon Convention Center. I had the pleasure of co-chairing the event with Audrey Eschright, and was extremely happy that End Point decided to also sponsor the event.

    The conference was organized around the idea of “open source citizenship”, and what things we as individual contributors, companies and users of free and open source software do to participate. We came together to share how we do things, what we’ve already done, and what we might be doing in the future.

    The conference held 76 sessions, from over 100 speakers and panelists and 475 total participants over three days. There were 8 rooms full of talks for about 9 hours every day. We had a 24-hour hacker lounge at the conference hotel, and it was packed every evening—​including our closing night, when we wrapped right at midnight.

    Above, are my slides for the opening remarks, and there’s even a video of the opening session, the keynotes and all the sessions that happened in the Fremont room will be available at osbridge.blip.tv.

    Some really great reviews of the conference are coming through. If you’d like to relive it in text through a few other people, have a look at these writeups below. Forgive me for quoting the exuberant titles. I am so pleased that people had a great experience at the conference.

    We’re definitely holding the conference again next year in June!

    conference open-source