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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Announcing SpreeCamps.com hosting

    Jon Jensen

    By Jon Jensen
    May 5, 2009

    On day two of RailsConf 2009, we are pleased to announce our new SpreeCamps.com hosting service. SpreeCamps is the quickest way to get started developing your new e-commerce website with Ruby on Rails and Spree and easily deploy it into production.

    You get the latest Spree 0.8.0 that was just released yesterday, as part of a fully configured environment built on the best industry-standard open-source software: CentOS, Ruby on Rails, your choice of PostgreSQL or MySQL, Apache, Passenger, Git, and DevCamps. Your system is harmonized and pre-installed on high-performance hardware, so you can simply sign up and start coding today.

    SpreeCamps gives you a 64-bit virtual private server and include backups, your own preconfigured iptables firewall, ping and ssh monitoring, and DNS. We also include a benefit unheard of in the virtual private server space: Out of the box we enforce an SELinux security policy that protects you against many types of unforeseen security vulnerabilities, and is configured to work with Passenger, Rails, and Spree.

    SpreeCamps’ built-in DevCamps system gives you development and staging environments that make it easy to work together in teams, show others your work in progress, and deploying your changes from development to production is as easy as “git pull”.

    And the best part of all? You can sign up now for just $95 per month, with no setup charge. We also offer hands-on training and support for Spree, DevCamps, and any other part of your application. Visit SpreeCamps.com for more information or to sign up for your own SpreeCamp.

    (By the way, it works fine for hosting any other kind of Rails application, or whatever else you want too. We’ve already used it for one non-Rails website because it made getting going with DevCamps so easy.)

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