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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    End Point speakers at PGCon 2009

    Jon Jensen

    By Jon Jensen
    April 28, 2009

    PGCon is the annual conference for PostgreSQL users and developers, and PGCon 2009 in Ottawa, Canada, is now only about 3 weeks away. The schedule of presentations looks excellent, and I’m excited to have three of my co-workers presenting talks there. Here’s a quick rundown of those talks.

    Power psql by Greg Sabino Mullane: The psql command-line interface to PostgreSQL is extremely powerful and versatile. While it’s easy to get started with, investing a little time in learning its many features really pays off in improved productivity. Greg will explore some corners and features you might not have known about, and also delve a little into its history and, more importantly, its future.

    VACUUM Strategy by Selena Deckelmann: VACUUM is an important topic for both new and seasoned users of Postgres. Selena’s talk will focus on changes in Postgres from version 8.0 on, tuning configuration parameters related to VACUUM for best performance, autovacuum, the updated Free Space Map in 8.4, and the brand new Visibility Map.

    Writing a Procedural Language by Josh Tolley: Stored procedures and user-defined functions offer a lot of power, and PostgreSQL already allows developing such code in many different programming languages. Josh will show how to write a new PostgreSQL procedural language, which offers many practical lessons in PostgreSQL internals. Using the thoroughly impractical language PL/LOLCODE makes it fun, to boot.

    For more details about the conference, see the PGCon website.

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