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    Ongoing observations by End Point Dev people

    Creating a PL/Perl RPM linked against a custom Perl build

    Jon Jensen

    By Jon Jensen
    March 7, 2007

    We sometimes have to install a custom Perl build without thread support, and to have some specific versions of CPAN modules, and we don’t want to affect the standard distribution Perl that lives in /usr/bin/perl and /usr/lib/perl5. We use standard PGDG RPMs to install PostgreSQL. We also like PL/Perl, and want PL/Perl to link against our custom Perl build.

    It’s easy to achieve this with a small patch to the source RPM spec file:

    --- postgresql-8.2.spec.before  2007-02-15 11:52:53.000000000 -0700
    +++ postgresql-8.2.spec 2007-02-15 12:02:35.000000000 -0700
    @@ -306,6 +306,7 @@
     %if %plperl
            --with-perl \
    +       --with-libraries=/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.7/i386-linux/CORE/libperl.so \
     %if %plpython
            --with-python \

    After applying that patch (adjusted for your own custom Perl build, of course), rebuild the RPM, and install the postgresql-plperl (as of PostgreSQL 8.2) or postgresql-pl (8.1 and earlier) RPM. With a service postgresql restart, you’re ready to go.

    postgres sysadmin perl