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Ardyn Majere

Ardyn Majere

Ardyn spent ten years before joining End Point Dev working at a cloud computing company wearing two hats: in operations, building and maintaining a large fleet of virtual machine hosts, while also being first- and last-line support, handling emergencies and customer issues.

At End Point Dev, Ardyn works on the hosting team, bringing with her a wealth of experience with cloud technology, IaaS solutions, virtualizing legacy and cutting-edge operating systems on KVM/QEMU inside the ElasticStack software running Open Hosting. She also brings keen troubleshooting skills and her exceptional customer communication skills to the table.


2010–2012: Customer Support Engineer, Presales Associate.
2012–2015: Customer Support / Operations Engineer.
2015–2016: Senior US Customer Support / Operations Engineer.

Paragon Internet Group & GoDaddy.
2016–2020: Senior US Customer Support / Operations Engineer for ElasticHosts brand.